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Living in/around the nation’s capital, I am aware that I live in an urban center that is so much more.  DC is at once a city, the seat of our nation’s government, and a living record of our country’s history.  There are office for business, government, associations and foundations, lobbying firms, and law firms and more.  There are government buildings, museums, and historical sites.  There are work places, homes, embassies, and parks.  There is a sense of permanence that dates back to our nation’s founding and a sense of movement due to the transient nature of this city.

To me, it is all that and more.  For me, Washington DC Metropolitan area  is home.  Here are some photos that my sister and I took while she was visiting DC back in the nineties.  My sister is the girl in the  pictures.

My sister was completely taken with these street carts.  They are all over DC.  They sell chips, soda, hot dogs and all kinds of food.  I have purchased indian food and halal food from them, even.  There are also vendors that sell DC related t-shirts, all sorts of purses, jewelry, sunglasses, and clothes.  You can hardly pass a corner in DC without seeing one of these:

This is a shot of  Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol Building.  On the right you see the Old Post Office Building.

These next shots are some of Monuments in DC:

We saw these Trolley’s everywhere in the city.  They are tours that you can take.  You can hop off see some sites and hop back on another.  We were cracking ourselves up saying, “Oh look, the Rice-a-Roni Trolley.”

And what urban center is complete without one of these little critters.  Squirrels may be a pain for many urban dwellers, but I would much rather have squirrels around than some of the other city’s denizens.   Yes, just like any city, DC has its own problem with rats.  No, no, I don’t mean congress, although I’ll admit, there is often little difference.  In either case, I’ll take a squirrel any day of the week.


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I have been doing a lot of writing recently, which is part of the reason I have not blogged quite as much.  I submitted a short story to the Washington Post Humor contest and I have written another short story.  I have also been working on my children’s novel.

One of my goals was to finish the first draft of my children’s novel before my surgery.  Well, the date for my surgery has now been set for September 26, 2012.  That is a tentative date pending final approval from the insurance company and pending the other stuff I need to get done before surgery (surgery related stuff…not writing goals).

I am mostly done with the first draft, which is good because I only have a month to get that done.  After surgery, I am going to do a complete read through and take notes.  Then the editing process will begin.  Once I’m recovered from surgery, I will be heading up to New Castle, PA to get pictures of the park I use in the novel.

I am excited about finishing the first draft.  It will be good to have that done.  It has been a bit more difficult to write than I thought it would.  Also, there were some changes from the original vision I had for the novel, but I think those ideas only made it better. 

Right now it’s crap and kind of all over the place.  But after I do the editing and more editing and even more editing, I’m sure it will be a little better.   🙂

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Several years ago, while I was living in Phoenix, my sister and I drove from Phoenix to California to site-see.  We had a list of things we wanted to see:

  • The Hollywood Sign
  • Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
  • The Stars on Hollywood Boulevard
  • Disneyland
  • The Duran Duran Star in front of Capitol Records
  • The Pacific Ocean

The Duran Duran Star was really the only thing my sister absolutely had to see.  She was happy to see the rest of the sites, but seeing the Duran Duran star was #1 with a bullet on her list.  It was all she talked about during the drive to California for 5 hours and the entire time we were in LA seeing other things.  She was so excited to have the chance to see the star.  She is a huge Duran Duran fan, but I’m sure that much is clear by now.

Since I was driving, we did the saw Grauman’s theatre and the other stars on Hollywood Boulevard first.  The Duran Duran star was not on Hollywood Boulevard, but in front of Capitol Records on Vine Street which crosses Hollywood Boulevard.

We drove down Hollywood Boulevard towards Vine.  There was a parking lot on the right, so my sister jumped out of the car so that I could park and she ran up Vine Street towards Capitol Records.

I park the car and start walking up Vine Street when I see her walking back towards me with her head hanging low looking sad and dejected.  When we meet up, she says to me, “Let’s just go home!”

“What?  What happened?”  I asked confused.

“There’s construction in front of Capitol Records!”  She tells me barely holding back the tears.  “All I wanted to do today was see the Duran Duran star!”

“Oh my God!  Was it gone?”

Without saying a word, she pulls out her digital camera and shows me this picture:

After that, we drove back to Phoenix in silence.

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