Feeling Lost in the D.M.V.


I’ve been feeling a bit lost and out of sorts recently. My whole world has been thrown into a tailspin and there is a void in my life.

Let me explain…

When I moved to the DC area in 1994, (aka…the DMV short for District, Maryland, Virginia), I found my new favorite radio station, WRQX Mix 107.3. I like pop music and this station had a really balanced mix of songs and DJ personalities. They were connected to the DMV socially with concerts and DJ celebrity appearances. They had great contests and giveaways. And they had a great morning show with Jack Diamond and his crew.

A few years ago, Jack Diamond vanished off the station. I’m not sure why. I think it may have been a contract dispute. I don’t know really. They had a replacement team that was OK and enjoyable, but not the same. Then just as inexplicably, the Jack Diamond Morning Show returned and order was restored to the world.

Suddenly now, the whole station is gone. Vanished. The station was bought by a Christian company and it is now a Christian station. And the anchor at that end of my radio dial is gone. Just gone!

I honestly am at a loss and I don’t know what to do. All I can do is share some of the great memories I have of the station. Here are a few:

  1. One year, the morning show did a Face Your Fears special in October. I remember how my roommates and I sat by the radio listening with great anticipation as Jimmy, the JDMS’s goofy co-host, faced his fear by jumping out of an airplane. We were all late for work that day!
  2. They did a call-in where people told funny stories about stuff they left on the roof of their cars and drove away. I called in and told the story of how my dad drove to DC from Pittsburgh for my birthday with a homemade birthday cake. We left my house to drive to my brother’s and we left the cake on the roof and the cake went flying all over the road. Some of my friends heard me on the radio and called me to laugh about the cake.
  3. I’m not sure what prompted this antic, but they had one girl find an empty parking lot peel her tires out while holding her phone out the window. It was hilarious, I wish I could remember why they did that.
  4. In the 90s they had the high-low jackpot game where you could call in and guess how much money was in the pot and they would tell you if your guess was too high or too low. And they kept it up until someone won. Sometimes it was tens of thousands of dollars!
  5. And recently, within the past two years, I won tickets to the Virginia Wine Festival, which I ended up giving to my brother.

I’m feeling adrift and lost. The DMV has lots of mix stations. And I always surfed around, but no matter how much I station surfed, I always came back to Mix 107.3. It was reliable, familiar. I could always find an enjoyable song to listen to while I drove or just sat at home. I mean, the other stations are fine, but they are not 107.3. I can pull out the old Apple Music, or a podcast, or Audible. I have lots of books to listen to. There are choices.

But for now, there’s a void. And nothing is really filling it.

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