Setting Goals To Finish First Novel Re-Write


I have reached a critical point in my first re-write and I am definitely feeling the stress. I am almost done, but I am re-writing the climax of the story and then I have to re-write the end.

I have reached the make or break scenes of the book. If I did my job right, this part of the book will be good. If I did not, this part of the book will not work and the big reveal will feel unjustified. I am writing a thriller for the New Adult, (ages 18-30 market). I am hoping the big reveal is a surprise, but one that when looking back, the reader will see I’ve drizzled enough clues and distractions to make them think, “OMG! I didn’t see that coming! But it makes soooo much sense!”

But honestly, that is the goal of every writer, particularly those who write thrillers.

That said, I feel like I need to set some actual writing goals to push myself outside my comfort zone.

I have been doing a lot of work recently. I try to do some writing every day. But I feel like I’m skating along the outside and not really digging deep into the plot and fixing the things that I have changed.

I have done a lot of re-organizing with the thought of, “If I just get the book organized correctly, I’ll be able to see what is missing.”

OK, well that was a good idea, but it is all in order now, so now what?

“OH! Don’t forget to go back to chapter 7 and add this! And re-organize that paragraph. And don’t forget to fix this and add that. Remove idea C from chapter 12!!!”

While these minor fixes are super important, they are not helping me finish the book and re-write the difficult parts.

I need to focus, which is sometimes difficult for me. I am easily distracted, especially if what I need to focus on is hard.

I have a vacation coming up. Eight days in a row where I have no excuses. I am not going anywhere. My friends who were coming to town have had to move their vacation plans. There is no reason I cannot finish what I need to finish to get through my second draft.

So, here it is, my goal.

By midnight Friday, July 5, 2019, I will complete my first re-write of this novel. 

Now, if you don’t mind I’m going have a panic attack now.

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