A Rewrite Conundrum

Judgmental Cat will be happy when I finish this book.

I am rethinking the format of my novel. Not the story. The story is the same. But how I am telling it, that I might change.

Here’s what I mean…

I am writing two different stories that eventually converge towards the end of the book. One story happens in 2004-2007. The other story happens over one week in 2029. The two stories, while they seem different, are actually connected.

I’m thinking of dropping the story line that takes place from 2004-2007 and only tell the story that takes place in 2029. Mostly because the book will be ferociously long if I weave both stories together. Plus, I’m afraid that the inclusion of that story line from the beginning will give too much away. The story will still be in the background and is still relevant to the 2029 plot, but I can drizzle out what I want the reader to know more effectively. I think.

I’m not going to make a decision just yet. I am going to finish rewriting the whole book and then read through it to see what I have. I may also ask a few of my friends who are reading as I rewrite to let me know their thoughts.

I like both stories, but I’m wondering if the inclusion of the first story might be a little bit too much information. The problem is, I may not be the best judge since I know all the secrets! We shall see.


One comment

  1. Keep it simple. If the earlier part is only back story, you can weave it into your main plot. I find most books that try to do two or more historical periods, unless they do it sequentially a la Michener, simply confuse the readers.

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