Re-Write Progress


11230843_10153344231361291_5039704286310580009_nI saw this image today while perusing Facebook and it just cracked me up. It also kind of hit home because it is true, or at least mostly true. I haven’t reached the point of wishing I’d never started this project, but I have found myself wishing I’d been a little bit more organized before I started it.

That said, I made a promise before starting my vacation and I wanted to give a quick update.

It has been slow going. I started my vacation Friday and I did nothing at all. Well, not nothing exactly, but no writing happened.

I am moving in a couple of weeks and I’m totally stressed out about it. I mean, it is going to be fine, everything is in place to happen. But I hate moving.

The gentleman who owns the condo I have been renting has decided to sell it. I cannot afford to buy the condo, so I must move. Friday, his realtor came by to see the condo so she could make plans to get it on the market. I spent the rest of the day in a catatonic stupor, prone on my bed contemplating my move. I made no effort to pack anything, but why do that when I can stress out about it? And no writing happened at all.

hq+jF5ZiTuC6ISRAmrygLg.jpgYesterday, I did write a little bit, but then I went to the National Cathedral for an open-air festival called One Journey, which is basically an event to raise awareness of refugees and what they overcome to build a better life for themselves. I have an artist friend who is a refugee. She had a table at the event selling her art. I checked out the fair and then I hung around to help her out. It was 95 degrees in the shade, so hot yesterday. It rained for a bit, but when it stopped, it just became even hotter, and a bit steamier. I tried to stay hydrated and found ways to keep cool. At one point, I bought frozen fruit bars and we didn’t even take them out of the wrappings at first. We just placed them on the back of our necks for relief. Afterward, I came home, cranked the air conditioning, watched repeat episodes of Stranger Things, and passed out.

I got up early today and did some writing this morning. I’m taking a break to write this post and get some laundry done. This afternoon, I have a pre-planned writing event that I am attending. I have a friend who is a very successful author. His wife manages the business side of his writing career. She also gives free seminars on the business side of writing, which all writers need. I signed up for her talk a month ago.

Then more writing. Even if the cat does not approve.

Bottom line, it has been slow going with the writing. But I am determined to get this novel re-write done this week! Stay tuned!

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