Blog Changes And A Movie Review

I’ll keep it short today.

As you can see, I’ve updated the look of my blog. I was getting bored with the old format. As soon as I changed it, I immediately regretted it. I struggled with one of the templates for a while, but then finally just gave up and chose a different template.

I like the one I chose. Because I’m using the free blog WordPress Platform, there are some features I cannot adjust the way I’d like. I will probably upgrade at some point, but for now, I’m OK with how it looks. Using the tiled feature though made me realize how often I add a picture of my cat to the blog. Hmmm.

Now a brief movie review…

I saw the movie Yesterday the other night. Oh Emmm Geee! I loved this movie.

As an aside, my brother is kind of a music-o-phile. He has probably forgotten more obscure trivia about music, genre’s, singers, songwriters, etc. than more people will ever know, or care to know. I cannot even have a conversation about music with him without coming away feeling impressed. (Please don’t tell him I said that. It will just be our secret.) I was visiting him and a commercial for Yesterday came on and we hopped in the car at 10:00pm and ran to the theatre.

He’s the only person I could imagine seeing this movie with, so I’m that happened.

Back to the movie…

It was funny, light-hearted, it didn’t take itself too seriously. They poked fun at singers and songwriters, the music industry as a whole, people like me who are completely ignorant about music, social media…on and on, it was just awesome.

Kate McKinnon played a deliciously evil music agent who made no bones about the fact that she wanted to control the artist, change everything about the artist, and do everything she could to twist and contort the final product to squeeze out every drop of money that she could out of it.

She didn’t care about the artist or the music. Just the money. The fact that she was doing this to the work of the Beatles, the most talented, successful, and prolific music groups of all time, was ironic. They defined not only a generation, but the reach of the music they have influenced cannot possibly be measured. Not to mention, this was done to them once it was clear their music was wildly popular and commercially successful.

Anyway, I highly recommend seeing this movie. I think it is good family fun. Funny. Sing-a-longable. It has love, romance, betrayal, disappointment, hope. And most of all…the music of the Beatles!

The ending was kind of meh, but I still enjoyed it. I would definitely see it again.

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