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OK, first thing’s first.
Yes, I completed my writing goals this weekend!  Yay me.
I wrote one short story, started another and did a chapter in my novel.  I even found a short story contest.  /pat-on-back.
Second…yes, I survived the great DC earthquake of 2011. 
Seriously, the earthquake was not that big a deal.  It was startling, yes.  It felt like the building I work in jumped and then swayed a little.  By the time I jumped up and said, “What the heck was that?” it was over. 
Of course my boss, who is from California, said, “Oh that’s an earthquake.  It’s fine.”  He shrugged it off and was completely nonplused.
Just so you know, Mr. Man, people here on the east coast have NEVER uttered that sentence.  Not once.  We don’t prepare for it.  We don’t build our buildings with earthquakes in mind.  And we don’t know what to do when one happens.  Why?  Because we don’t ever have one!!!
Here’s somethings you might hear from east coasters…
“Oh that’s just a little snow. It’s fine.”
“Oh that’s just a pothole.  It’s fine.”
“Lake effect?  No problem.”
“Hurricane?  pffft!”
So, when it snows, which it will because it snows every year–even here in DC where they like to pretend it is the deep south and act surprised every time it snows like its the first time it snowed here since the last earthquake…er I mean last year–I don’t expect to hear any whining and want you at your desk all day every day on time.  So there!
Seriously, though.  The earthquake wasn’t that bad.  The building maintenance people in our building were the real source of my stress. 
Twenty minutes after the earthquake, they evacuated my building.  Fortunately, I only work on the 5th floor.  I had to walk down 5 flights of stairs.  Fortunately, I did not have to walk back up them.  We stood around outside for about a half an hour.  Then they decided to let us back in to retrieve our belongings, but told us they were going to close the building down.  A co-worker offered to ride me home, but getting out of the parking lot was pandamonium because everyone was leaving at the same time.
While we were waiting to leave, they announced over the very loud PA system that the building would remain open.  I was actually relieved because the traffic outside was already at a standstill.  We parked the car and went back upstairs to my office.  By this time, I was exhausted.  Fortunately, we were not busy at work after the earthquake, so the rest of the day was actually kind of relaxing.  Came home from work and passed out.
Glad everyone is safe.
Hurricane news after the jump…

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