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Today is a day of writing an doing laundry. And I am struggling

I have been doing laundry for a couple of days now, one load at a time and all of my clothes are clean. I’m just working on blankets, sheets, and towels. In some ways, the worst part of the laundry and the best.

The worst because I’ll have to do more loads because the blankets and towels take up so much room and are heavier. The best because there is less folding. 🙂

Not to mention, as I was straightening the rest of my room, two socks were left out of the “clean clothes” part of my wash. And they are two different socks, which means I have to hope there is a matched set in the dryer or caught up with the towels. UGH!!

In between laundry, folding, etc., I’ve been working on my novel re-writes. I made some progress this a.m., but now is the time that I am really starting to get distracted because I reached the hard part.

And I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat. Well, not nothing, but nothing that I can instantly grab and stuff into my pie-hole. I would have to actually cook something. The only chicken I have available is still kind of frozen and I’d have to microwave it to thaw it out. Plus it was the chicken I planned on using to make chicken crust pizza for lunch tomorrow. AND I had to throw my last onion away because although it was perfect on the outside, it was brown and slimy on the inside.

So, this means a trip to the store. Or a restaurant. And I fear if I leave the house, I won’t pick up where I left off.

And the dryer just buzzed.

And a friend of mine published a blog post, which reminded me I wanted to try to blog something 3-5 times a week at least, so now I have to write a blog post.

And I took some pictures of my cat pretending to not watch me pretending to write….isn’t she cute?


Some days it feels like I’ll never be done.

I think I’ll order take-out and keep writing…


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What’s a blog post without a picture of my cat doing her Writus-interruptus act?

Writing a novel is a huge undertaking. Once you’ve written the story down, you have to go through it several times to make sure it is readable and ready for public consumption.

I am currently in first re-write phase of my novel “Avenging Angels.” And I hate to admit it, I’ve gotten kind of lost.

I have been hard at work editing and re-writing. I have torn it apart and am currently trying to put it back together into some kind of continuous narrative. I have exported huge chunks of it for various writers groups I attend. Some are only reading 10-15 pages at a time, (about 1,500-2,000 words). Others are reading larger chunks of about 5,000 words a pop. And still others are reading 5 chapters at a time.

This is how I kind of got lost.

I lost track of what I’ve re-written and what I’ve sent out to my friends and fellow writers to review.

I spent a lot of time on Monday, probably about 5 hours, trying to import the changes I’ve made back into Scrivener and reorganizing my novel chapters. I also did some re-writing.  As I put each chapter back together, I got out my trusty notebook and pen – you know, the old fashioned way of outlining – and sketched out each chapter and the scenes in those chapters.


I managed to re-order about 20 chapters or so. I still have a large chunk of it that is not sorted into chapters yet. I did a lot of free writing without creating chapters. That is kind of my problem. I am definitely a pantser – an exploratory writer.

When I start a story, I have an idea of where I want it to start and where I want it to end. I begin, not by creating an outline, but just doing a free-writing sketch of what I want. I reveal all the plot points and the secrets of the story, the emotional highs and lows, and my plans for the main characters. Then I start writing my story. I write until I get a sense of the things. I keep going back and referencing the original sketch I wrote to make sure I’m on track. If not, I re-assess and change it as necessary. Only after I have an idea on how to get to where I want to go do I start outlining and creating chapters. This could be at the 2,000 word point or the 10,000 word point.

I know, not a very organized method of writing. But there’s nothing else about my life that is organized, so why start here, right? The problem with this is I got a little lost in my re-writes and the thought of trying to figure out where I was in the process was daunting. So much so, I hadn’t edited anything for a couple of weeks. And that was making me depressed about the whole endeavor. So, Monday, I just bit the bullet, planted my butt in the chair, and did it. And I feel much better.

Anyway, I think I’m back on track…for now.  I’ll keep you posted!

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My First Critic

I have fallen behind and I’ve lost track of my word count. Not unexpected with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and my crazy work schedule, but I am stressing out for sure.

Midnight Friday. That’ is the deadline.

Current word count 40,994.

I am over 4,000 words in the whole. And I have to write almost 9,000 by Friday.

The race is on!

Bad news, I work a lot between now and then. And this past weekend, I had to pick up two extra shifts I was not planning on working.

Good news, I did some writing this morning. I have tomorrow off.

I work today, but I have some time to get writing done tonight. Between tonight and tomorrow, if I focus, I feel that I can not only get caught up, I can maybe get a little bit ahead.

Wish me luck!

Just keep writing…


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When will this month be over??

By the end of today, I will be 2/3 of the day done with NaNoWriMo! I will have over 33,500 new words written in my novel! 

This is by far the largest project I have ever worked on. Before NaNoWriMo, I had well over 74,000 words written. And I wanted to use this month to finish writing my book. I can’t believe I’m about to write this next sentence, but I just realized I have written over 100,000 words!


Just Wow.

I am almost done. And I will have the rough draft complete by the end of November. I’ve written some pretty fun scenes.  I’ve written myself into holes and had to find a way to write myself back out.  And sometimes I didn’t write myself out. I just skipped it and went to another section. I’m not too worried right now about fixing things. That’s what the re-write phase is for. 

My cat might need some therapy after this is month is over. She is decidedly unhappy with the amount of time I have spent on my laptop.  She has been finding ever more creative ways to keep me from writing and refocus my attention on her.  Poor thing. I’ll let her have the final word on this post!

OK, that’s enough computer time. Now pet me dammit!

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