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So, the Oscars start in 20 minutes.  I saw all but one of the movies nominated.  I have not seen Beast of the Southern Dawn, which I am disappointed about.  I really wanted to see that.  So, real quick, here are my predictions for the top 6.

Best Movie: Silver Linings Playbook

Best Female Actor in a Leading Role: Jennifer Lawrence

Best Male Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Day Lewis

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:  Anne Hathaway

Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Robert Di Nero

Best Director: Ben Affleck David O Russell

I saw Les Mis today.  Spectacular movie, but way to freaking long.  It’s not their fault entirely.  Victor Hugo’s original work was over 1600 pages.  But Silver Linings Playbook has just stuck with me.

Anyway, enjoy the show!  Hopefully, I can get some tweets in!  🙂


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I know I promised an update of my Oscar picks and I did not.  I know.  I suck.

I am sitting here watching the red carpet with the Oscar about to begin and I feel I must make some comment.  I have not seen any more of the movies that are nominated, so I feel unqualified to hazard an intelligent guess.

So let me just say, good luck to all of the nominees.  Some things I would like to see:

Meryl Streep should win an oscar by now.  I know Octavia Spencer is the favorite, and I would also like for her to win if there was a way both could.  But realistically, Glen Close should probably get it for Albert Nobbs.

Christopher Plummer is a superlative actor and is my favorite to win.

As for best picture I will defer to my brother.  He said his favorite of the ones nominated was Midnight in Paris, but the one he thinks should win is Tree of Life.  My prediction, The Artist will win.

Well, the show is getting ready to start.  Enjoy everyone!  I will probably be tweeting @twitlit1000.

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I did a post the other day about my love of movies and books.

Well, tonight I will talk about a true guilty pleasure of mine.  Oscars!

The nominees are are in.  Designer gowns are being prepped.  Critics are critiquing.  Long-winded acceptances speeches are being written.

For the record, I do not believe that anyone jots down a hurried thank you on a napkin “just in case.”  They all have a prepared acceptance at the ready.  I mean, let’s face it.  They have all been practicing those speeches since the first time they donned their father’s old suit or mother’s dress to put on a home performance of some kind.  You cannot tell me that none of them stood in front of a mirror with a brush or high school trophy and uttered those oh-so-famous words.

I know I have and I have no aspirations to be an actor. (OK maybe that was an over-share.)

But I love the Oscars.  My only regret this year is that I have not been able to see all of the movies on the nominee list.

I did see The Help and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but not before reading the books, (and in the case of the latter, seeing the Swedish movies as well), but that is hardly enough to make a valid judgement.

When it gets closer to Oscar night, I want to make my best guess at the winners.  I have done that before.  I used to write a movie review column for my company’s newsletter.  One year, I made Oscar predictions and I was right about all of the main categories.  Of course, this year will be a little more difficult since Lord of the Rings is not in the running, but I think if I see some of the movies which have nominations, I might do OK.

So, let’s see how it goes.  Share your winning guesses and let’s see how we do on Oscar night February 26, 2012!

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