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OK, so I have done it.  I followed through with my new project.  I created a separate blog for it.  It is called The Skinny Girl Inside.  I will be discussing my experiences as I prep for gastric by-pass surgery, the surgery itself, the weight-loss, and the recovery.  I wanted a separate blog to distinguish it from my writing site because what I will discuss on that site has nothing to do with writing.  I will not be cross posting either.  If you are interested in knowing more about it, please follow that site. If not, that’s OK, too.

There may be times when I blog more on that site depending on what might be on my mind at any particular moment.  It is also a subject that is consuming much of thoughts these days as I prepare for the surgery itself.

I hope I do get some followers on that blog as well, as I will probably spend a lot of time over there talking about the process and my feelings. Over the next few days and weeks, I hope to get some pictures up.  I apparently have to start taking some “before” pictures, not something I enjoy doing.  I may also post some pictures from my younger days as well.

I hope to see some of you there!


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It has been some time since I’ve blogged.  A couple of weeks at least.  I would like to say that I have not been posting because I’ve been slaving away at my novel or some other writing project, but that would not be entirely true.  I have done some writing.  Entered a contest.  Worked on another story for another contest.  And jotted out a rough outline for the last part of my youth novel. But that’s not what has been keeping me from blogging.

Excuse #1

I could blame the beautiful weather that has hit the DC area.  I even escaped outside to try to get some writing done today.  See here’s the proof:

I’ve done everything but write today, actually.  I read a bit of that book next to my computer (more on that book later).  Had a great lunch.  Walked around my neighborhood.  Now I’m sitting in front of the library sucking in the sunshine and warm weather that has finally come to the area.  I seem to only go out when it has been raining, so it’s nice to be outside for once.  It seems to rain every Wednesday, which is when I go to my writer’s group.  We even joke about it.  “It’s raining, must be Wednesday!”  or “Oh yuk, it’s raining!”  “Of course it is, it’s Wednesday! Time for writer’s group!”

Excuse #2

Work has been extra stressful recently and I’ve been pretty crabby about it.  And when work is extra stressful…

Excuse #3

I have a tendency to use video games to de-stress…after work of course.  Specifically, games that have loads of destruction, explosions, or pvp.  (that’s player vs player arenas for you non gamer types.)  Yes, the secret is out, I’m a gamer. “But you’re a girl!”  Yes, yes I am and I have a wicked backstab, so watch out.

But these are simply excuses.  The truth is, I could do all of that and find time to seriously focus on writing and blogging.  So, I guess it is time to face the music and admit the real reason I’ve avoided blogging recently.

Fear.  Yes, I said it.  Fear.

Let me explain.  I’ve had another idea for another project recently.  One that is much more personal that will force me to discuss very personal issues that I have been dealing with recently.  Well, more than just recently.  But it has been recently I have been actively working to do something to solve a huge obstacle in my life.  And I have spent a lot of time considering whether or not I should blog about it.

My idea would require that I create a separate blog plus a huge time commitment, the willingness to stay focused, and the promise to be open and honest about what I’m experiencing.  It is my hope that what I am doing will be a profoundly life changing event in a very positive way.  I think it will be.  But it has already proven to be much different than I thought it would be.

I will still be doing this blog 2-3 times per week as I promised at the beginning of the year.  I will probably link the blogs.  I have not worked out all of the details yet, but I will probably be getting it started this weekend.  So, stay tuned.

And since my laptop is not solar powered, I have to regrettably find my way to an outlet, which is probably inside.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  🙂




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Creativity & Writing

The coordinator for my second writer’s group posted this video of John Cleese on that site.  He is talking about creativity and the importance of “play.”  There is no way that I could adequately summarize the video, so I am just posting it here:

I loved what he said here.  It reminded me of some of the activities that we do in AWG.  In addition to reviewing the work of our members, we also try to do workshops and writing exercises.  One of the exercises we do is we call Beginning, Middle & End.  Basically, everyone writes the first paragraph of a story, and then we switch.  Then everyone writes the middle of a different story and we switch again.  Then everyone writes the ending of a completely different story. We then read the mashed up stories out loud.

Granted, some of the stories are pretty bad.  Few of them are good.  Most of them are hilarious.  Everyone laughs a little while writing the story.  Some of us try to throw the whole story off kilter to mess with the next person.  And we all laugh at the end when we read the stories.

The activity really puts us all in a creative state of mind.  None of the stories are ready for the pulitzer, but that is not the point.  The point is to open up our creative centers and to look at our writing through a different lens.  To try different ideas and feel free to play, make mistakes, and think.

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Late last week I made a promise to enter a short story contest on Glimmer Train.  I boasted that I planned on submitting three short stories.  I had planned to, but I only ended up submitting one.  

Two of the stories were perfect for this contest.  The topic was Family Matters, and all three stories had family members in it.  Truly, though, only two of the three stories were actually about families.  The third was something else entirely.  It is a good story, I think.  I just think that the third story can be more useful in other categories.  I do plan to use it though.

The other story I thought would be great for this contest needs a lot of work.  It is an older story that I have wanted to use for this contest for a long time. I started editing it a few months ago and then stopped.  I do not know why.  I went back to it to try to finish the edit last week and just could not pick up where I left off.  I will try to address the problems with this story before the next Family Matters contest in October, but maybe I will move on to other topics and never will.

One story did get submitted.  Glimmer Train will announce the results on June 30.  I will keep you posted.

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